Are you struggling with scraps?

I've been there: you see all the pretty, cohesive-yet-scrappy quilts online, and you think "how do they do that?"

I'm here to share designers' secrets to a scrap color palette that will look good every. single. time.

Hey, I'm Amy

Quilt pattern writer, coffee fanatic, unschool mama, autoimmune warrior, and lover of all things PINK! (But I won’t hold a grudge if you don’t love coffee and the color pink)

Like you, I embrace a life of messy authenticity. Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s exhilarating. No matter what part of the creative journey you’re on, I want your authentic self to show up in your stitching.

Creativity is so much more than making a finished product: it’s a deep, primal way for our brains to process our emotions. There’s no need to hide the fact that it’s messy! That’s the beauty of the process: every piece you create is a journal of who you were when you made it, and THAT is pure magic.


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