Community-Supported Pricing Guidelines


I want to make quilting accessible to as many people as possible. The flexible pricing model is built on the idea that financial resources, including income, are not the only determining factor in whether someone can buy one of my patterns.

How It Works

I recognize that people have different abilities to pay, so I offer three options within the Community Supported Pricing model:

Supported pricing is for those facing financial or other hardships, including physical or mental illness, neurodivergence, or other invisible barriers. You never need to justify picking this price, even if your circumstances are temporary.

Standard pricing is the market value.

Pay It Forward helps cover others who need it. If you are able to pay the Pay It Forward Pricing...thank you! You are helping to keep this model sustainable.

There is no qualification criteria for the different amounts–simply pay what works for you.


Your pricing choice is always kept confidential and does not affect the quality of your experience. You get the same pattern no matter what option you pick.

I can assure you, nobody is trolling your social media to see if your price choice is justified. Part of my terms and conditions is that your information is considered sacred...that includes your price choice!

Sales + Discounts

The beauty of this pricing model is that it eliminates the need for sales and discounts, making it sustainable for me and peaceful for you. Simply pick the pattern that you want, when you want it, at the price you want to pay.


Part of my personal journey in the last few years has been reducing consumerism by buying only what I truly love and need. Sales and discounts are great if they make things more accessible that we were going to buy anyway, but often they leave us with serious FOMO. I don't want you buying patterns because you're afraid of missing out on a sale, I want you to buy them because they truly inspire you.

What's Included

Flexible pricing applies to all digital patterns except collaborations.

Have Questions?

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