Hello, Beautiful Soul!

I'm Amy, the creative behind Happy Hippie Studio. Thank you so much for taking a look around! Keep reading to learn more about me and the vision behind HHS.

How It All Began

I started quilting in 2013 when I was a new mom fighting my way through postpartum depression. Having a creative outlet helped me reclaim my sense of self in a time when it seemed like my life consisted solely of never-ending tasks. Creativity became my self-care, my meditation, and my lifeline. I began writing patterns in 2021, and Happy Hippie Studio was founded!

It Isn't Always Easy

After my last baby was born, I developed a severe mystery illness (as though fighting through PPD wasn't enough!). After many years of tests, doctors' visits, and trial-and-error, I ended up with a triple diagnosis of alpha gal syndrome, premenstrual dysmorphic disorder, and mast cell activation syndrome. While these illnesses are (mostly) managed with diet and herbs, I do still occasionally have flares that leave me unable to function. Making intricate quilts is simply out of the question!

My Patterns

When I began writing patterns, I knew they needed to be accessible for others like me. There are so many quilters who need patterns that meet them where they are.

My patterns don't demand perfection. They are rooted in the history of the craft: using what you have. Our ancestors took what they had and made things that were both useful and beautiful. I try to do the same by making the most of basic tools and notions, and write patterns that allow for neurodivergence and a variety of fabric choices.

Quilting doesn't need to be complicated. It's perfectly fine to need the satisfaction of a quick and easy finish that still looks great! The magic doesn't happen in a perfect quilt, it happens when you create authentically!

Financial Accessibility

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Behind The Scenes

Aside from quilting, I'm also an unschool mama, avid bookworm, occasional boudoir photographer, and sometimes yogi. My husband and I are raising our three wildlings on a farm in Oklahoma where we live in harmony with nature, and are almost always in the middle of a DIY renovation project. You can usually find me in my pajamas, sipping a coffee and petting a cat.

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